SMART introduces next-generation SMART Board™ 600i

New projector lowers total cost of ownership and is 3D-ready

CALGARY, Alberta --- June 28, 2010 --- SMART Technologies announces the fourth-generation SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system. Available in both standard and widescreen formats, the latest generation of the 600i system features an improved and easy-to-use extended control panel (ECP) and a fully integrated short-throw projector that is 3D-ready and has a longer lamp life. The newly designed ECP is mounted to the interactive whiteboard bezel, not to the wall, making it aesthetically pleasing and easier to install. Like the earlier generation, the new fourth-generation 600i series offers two screen formats – standard (4:3 aspect ratio) and widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) – and includes a mechanical boom that will collapse gently under strain to protect both the interactive whiteboard surface and projector from damage. The new SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system is expected to begin shipping in September 2010, with no increase in price over the third-generation series.

The new system includes an innovative alert broadcast system, which enables administrators to instantly display important messages on one or more fourth-generation SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard systems. The ECP provides quick and easy access to controls, including the power button, volume control and video input selection. The ECP also has a dual USB port that enables users to connect a peripheral keyboard, access data stored on a USB drive, or connect two computers to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and easily switch between them as required. The new standard SMART UF65 and widescreen SMART UF65w short-throw projectors extend only 40" (101.6 cm) from the interactive whiteboard frame, resulting in decreased shadows and a crisp display with true color representation using DLP® BrilliantColor™ technology high-contrast engine from Texas Instruments™. The UF65 and UF65w projectors consume less than one watt of electricity in standby for improved energy efficiency, and a new projector bulb that lasts up to 3,000 hours in standard mode and up to 5,000 hours in economy mode lowers the total cost of ownership. Both the standard and widescreen projectors are also 3D-ready, powered by 3D DLP Link™ technology from Texas Instruments. In response to the increasing interest in 3D educational content, teachers will be able to display 3D video, images and applications, which will be visible with the use of 3D glasses.

“Businesses and schools around the world continue to adopt our integrated interactive whiteboard systems for their convenience and unparalleled ease of use,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The fourth-generation of the SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system builds on that tradition and introduces new features and enhancements that will make it a valued addition to any meeting room or classroom.”


Energy conservation Less than one watt of electricity consumed in standby mode

Alert broadcast system From any web browser, administrators can instantly display messages on one or more fourth-generation SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard systems

Short-throw 3D-ready projector The new SMART UF65 and SMART UF65w short-throw projectors extend are enabled to support 3D content and extend only 40” (101.6 cm) from the interactive whiteboard frame

Extended control panel Easy access to power button, volume control, video input selection, USB and audio switching for guest laptop, and an additional USB port

Extended lamp life Lamp life of up to 5,000 hours in economy mode 

Mechanical boom – Collapses gently under strain to protect the interactive whiteboard surface and projector from damage

Widescreen option The new 600i series includes the SMART Board 685i4 interactive whiteboard, which provides an additional 20 percent working space and a 16:10 aspect ratio

Image quality Delivers 2,000 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, so all video and still images are clearly visible, even from the back of the room

Increased security Ensures strong visual and physical deterrent to theft with an optional padlocked ring

Precision touch Provides direct, precise touch control for accurate data selection and interaction

Easy maintenance Delivers low total cost of ownership with longer lamp life and remote asset management

Projector resolution Crisp resolution with the SMART UF65 providing XGA (1040 x 768) resolution and the SMART UF65w providing WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution

Finger and stylus input Receives inputs from finger, pen tool or any pointing device

SMART product integration – Comes with award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and integrates seamlessly with SMART Meeting Pro software

Full solution support Includes access to one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of services and support, content and resources, and professional development and training for interactive whiteboard systems and related products

Pricing and availability
The suggested education list price for the new SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system starts at US$3,079 in the United States, depending on the model. The suggested MSRP starts at US$4,399 in the United States, also depending on the model. Prices outside the United States vary by country and may include applicable taxes, duties and import costs. Information on suggested list price or special pricing for educators, where applicable, is available from local authorized SMART resellers. For purchasing information, specifications and a list of authorized SMART resellers, visit smarttech.com.

Download a rendered image of the new SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system.

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